Argumentative Essay On Gun Control In The United States

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In the past few years, there has been a strong debate on gun control. With events like Connecticut and Colorado, the use of guns has been a growing discussion that has a rapidly increasing audience. Many debates whether banning guns strips away your second amendment right to bear arms or such events are not justified as a reason to take away guns. But the fact is, you can’t blame the guns for the crimes, they only work in the hands of the partaker. So the government should not regulate the use, sale, and purchase the of firearms, but instead, install and enforce stricter laws when purchasing firearms. In the midst of such hardships like the Sandy Hook and Aroura Shootings and recently the tragedy in Orlando, gun control has become one of the most controversial topics in our society. Many use the fact of the second amendment that American citizens have the right to bear arms to support the debate on both sides. The ones who are in…show more content…
Those against the gun control argue that it 's a private initiative for a criminal to have interaction in crime, whether or not he holds a gun or not. During this regard, he doesn 't need to possess the gun for him to carry a weapon. A lot of comparisons are created between alternative weapons that wont to kill individuals and also the guns that are continuously blamed for getting used in killing individuals. Individuals can and have used crude weapons such as screwdrivers, knives, ext. Showing that they the killing would still have taken place, within the absence of the gun. The gun simply quickens the argument as they see it as the most used weapon. Therefore, before putting the regulating laws as a process to scale back violence and crime, a lot of analysis needs to be indulged and there have to be alternative actions that have to be compelled to be taken as a way of reducing the
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