Argumentative Essay On Gun Freedom

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The Truth “It’s everywhere. Guns and violence are in every nook and cranny of America. Many children can get a gun quicker than they can get a book out of a library. That puts us all at risk”(Marian Wright Edelman). One should not argue to repeal the second amendment. One should not state that people’s rights should be taken away. One should not be biased against those who are in favor of those against mass gun control laws. However, one should expatiate the truth. The American injunctions on the way citizens carry out their everyday life with guns is at most sub-par and the law system carrying out law and order to insure safety is incomparable to that of other industrialized countries. Death occurs everyday. One may even walk down the street with the daunting fear of getting shot in our peaceful nation. 68% of deaths by weapon are due to guns each year. This staggering amount should already frighten someone who goes out and walks with their kids or takes a jog or even goes grocery shopping. This year it is projected that for the first time in decades a gun will have killed more than a motor-vehicle. The current rate of deaths by guns are rising and rising each year. As a nation united under God something must be done about this if this truly is a united nation under God. Compared to other industrialized nations the…show more content…
Wrong, Federal law states that just about anyone can buy a gun as long as they are of age, it is not an assault rifle or machine gun, and they are not a felon, fugitive, or non-citizen. Our great nation’s laws are still too strict according to the uniformed and gun activist. I am not stating that gun laws need to be made. I will leave that up to the peaceful United States to decide. Next time one goes out to take a stroll, feel worrisome, feel disheartened, feel consternate of the palpability that their next breath may be their
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