Argumentative Essay On Gun Laws

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Maddie Schattinger Gun Laws Mod: 4 Gun violence has become a topic we are accustomed to hearing about on a daily basis. There is a very high chance that when watching the news you will hear about a recent shooting or other incidents in which a gun was involved. Specifically in the United States gun violence is responsible for many deaths. The number of deaths occurring due to gun violence has increased over the years and will continue to increase if the proper precautions are not taken. Americans argue that stricter gun laws need to be implemented in order to resolve this issue. However, this is sufficient enough. In my opinion, I believe it would be more beneficial to make advances in mental health and focus on the motives that lead to…show more content…
It was determined Adam Lanza suffered from mental illnesses. According to an article published in the New York Times, Adam Lanza’s mental problems were untreated before the shooting(Cowan). People have blamed social media, Hollywood and video games has the culprits for gun violence. Even so, all of our actions result from signals sent from the brain. In other words, a signal or impulse coming from the brain is what causes a person to carry out a specific action such as firing a gun. Therefore, in every shooting that occurs mental health is a factor that must be accounted for. However, I do not think sufficient research has been conducted to explain why people reach a state of mind that results in a mass shooting. If people had a better understanding of what goes through a killer’s mind, it's possible a cure could be created. Also, it's important to take into account the lack of mental health services available. Many people suffering from mental illnesses don't seek treatment. If people were more aware of the signs and symptoms, it would be easier to encourage professional help. In order for America to become less violent mental health needs to become a priority. Unfortunately, guns are not going to disappear but it is possible that gun violence could start to disappear if accessibility to mental treatment increases in the United States.
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