Argumentative Essay On Gun Laws In The United States

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In the year 2014 much debate began on gun laws and whether they should be authorized. This political fight became a disputable issue among Americans. A source at the Smithsonian said, “More Americans thought it was important to protect the right of Americans to own guns than to control gun ownership.” Most Americans believe that their gun ownership is unrelated to someone else 's gun use in crimes. Many people want strict gun control but that won 't help because mass shooters don 't follow the law; strict gun laws won 't reduce violence and the removal of guns would leave people defenseless, especially in a time where terrorism is rampant. Making gun control more strict won 't really make it harder for mass shooters. According to Annie from Gun…show more content…
Furthermore, strict gun laws won 't reduce violence because “only 2.6 percent of all murders are committed with some type of rifle.” Said Annie from Gun Control: Five reasons why it wont work. More people die from knives and physical contact .“Use of knives, bats and blunt objects are the tools which the criminals use to take far more lives that guns.” said a source from Top10sTop. Also many People are more likely to feel safer in their homes if they have a gun around. According to a source at Smithsonian“People are more likely to feel safer in their homes if they; or someone that lives with them has a gun”, Having a gun makes you feel like you are ready for anything; it gives your self esteem a boost. Strict gun controls won 't make a big positive change because criminals don 't follow the law so whether you ban guns or not they will have a way to get to one. Like I said earlier if criminals can get to guns easier than your average person it will increase gun related violence. Not making guns available to people will just leave them defenseless in a time of terror. Therefore banning guns won 't leave us with a positive change. You can 't ever really ban violence; if someone wants to do something you can
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