Argumentative Essay On Guns In Schools

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Today, there is a worrying trend of increased violence in schools that involves the use of guns. The natures of these crimes have resulted in loss of many innocent lives. While people are still trying to come to terms with the heinous nature of these crimes and devastating consequences of their aftermath, there is a widespread debate that rages on, on what could be the solution to this crisis (Anderson 504). Numerous ideas have been suggest including arming teachers and other civilians in schools to enhance protection and reducing the number of firearms that are in the hands of the public (Baltimore Sun 505; Anderson 504). Among the various potential solutions that have been debated, limiting the number of firearms available to public is probably the best solution for addressing the current wave of crime in learning institutions.
Many observers argue that taking the guns out from the arms of a potential assailant would be far better than risking an armed confrontation in school grounds (Baltimore Sun 505).
Evidence suggests that the shortage of firearms is not a problem in the United States and bringing in more guns will not be the solution. Arguably, the United States has more than enough firearms especially those in the hands of civilians or
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Furthermore, this may increase the likelihood of having an armed confrontation or shoot-out within school grounds, which may be more devastating because it can potentially increase the number of casualties especially when a would be assailant welcomes such a confrontation. Limiting the number of arms that can be accessed by the public will reduce the likelihood of such a confrontation from occurring and if it occurs will reduce the number of casualties buy avoiding any such confrontations (Baltimore Sun
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