Argumentative Essay On Halloween

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This is Halloween

The tell tale signs of an approaching Halloween include your favourite candies having undergone a spooky makeover, horror movie marathons on the television for you to watch alone (or are you?) late at night, haunted houses popping up seemingly out of nowhere and of course, who could forget the infamous jack-o-lanterns? Whether it 's the pumpkin spice lattes, the thrill of a scare or the candy for those with a sweet tooth, Halloween has something for everyone, even nature, whose leaves turn orange to match the colour scheme of the occasion. A day of candy and sweets makes Halloween one of the most anticipated holidays for both children and adults alike.
On the 31st of October, marking the beginning of winter, Halloween or ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ is observed to have been celebrated all over
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But don’t worry, these voices aren’t ghosts, they’re just children who knock enthusiastically from house to house asking for treats. This stems from the Samhain belief that ghosts would disguise themselves as beggars asking for money or food. If refused, you would risk getting cursed or haunted. However, the risk of refusing to give out treats to these small supernatural creatures is to face the wrath of angry children which might be even more dangerous.
However due to the nature of trick-or-treating with children normally going door to door unsupervised, the candy obtained predominantly going unchecked or eaten during the journey, there is danger of tainted halloween candy. There have been kidnappings and incidents where poison or sharp objects concealed in the treats have been distributed to children. Whilst most of these stories are urban legends, told around to children and their parents as cautionary tales, parents have been instructed to check children’s candy before consuming or accompanying them when

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