Argumentative Essay On Hamlet

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A ghost is considered earthbound if its essence remains lingering in the physical world and hasn’t been able to cross over into the spiritual realm. They get stuck behind here on Earth, caught in limbo between the living and dead, and wander restlessly seeking resolution. Hollywood tends to thrive on the idea that these ghosts are roaming around creating chaos to the lives of those they encounter. The fact of the matter is we can’t really be sure what the true purpose is a departed soul. There are many theories as to why a ghost, or more appropriately a spirit, may become static on Earth instead of moving on to the beyond. Some examples I came up with are: 1. Dazed and Confused- Some spirits aren’t even aware that they have passed…show more content…
He starts to believe that the spirit may be the devil or some sort of demon that was sent to tempt young Hamlet into a destructive existence. The appearance of the ghost causes Hamlet to mistrust his own perceptions of things and doubt the validity of his father’s ghost and the malicious claim that he states. Hamlet decides to stage a play in which the plot very closely resembles the events that the ghost describes as his death. Hamlet feels that if King Claudius is indeed guilty, it will be written all over his face. “The play’s the thing/Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king” (II, ii, 566-567). In the eyes of Hamlet, Claudius proves his involvement in the death of Hamlet Senior with the look of sheer guilt and horror on his face. Still, it takes a rather long time before young Hamlet carries out his revenge on his uncle. This is in part due to his tendency to over analysis events. Hamlet could have easily listened to the ghost the very first night and killed his uncle out of revenge immediately. Since he took his time to think things through, it gave the audience a chance to reflect the events through the eyes of Hamlet and become one with his thought
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