High School Headmaster Essay

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Why on earth would such thing be ever created? Why on earth would our educational, innovating, and advanced systematic school ever implement such technique to check the understanding of their students? Learning checks are probably the worst idea someone could've ever given to our school headmaster. Not only that, but abolish all opportunities for the students to raise their grades. In what world would that benefit our community of hard-working students? I believe that each individual student has their own pace and technique in learning and every individual is different. Students learn differently in different amount of times. How is it fair that a student is tested according to the pace of their learning skills? I believe it is ignorant to trust that only one class is enough to teach a whole lesson and be tested on it the next day. In spite of fact that homework is given, it is not certain that students will learn on their own. Not only that, but being tested the first 10 minutes…show more content…
Most teachers I have spoken to in relation to this new rule, have given me unsatisfactory feedback towards the subject and have confirmed their own unhappiness. A school must have rules and systems that satisfy all of its members, if the school was working fine before, I honestly do not understand why this new system was implemented. Because it was clearly not made for the benefit of the students. I also understand that teachers do not appreciate the extra work of creating quizzes everyday and having to grade them everyday. Not only that, but if their students do not receive good grades on their quizzes, their grades will drop eventually. This is not a good thing for the teachers themselves. If they are IB teachers, this demonstrates that they have not been teaching correctly and they will graded upon their students learning and

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