Essay On Harmful Effects Of Social Networks

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Picture this, you lay there in your bed, trying to sleep, you hear your phone ding and instead of ignoring it, you jump out of bed and check what happened. Before you know it, you see sunlight outside, you realise that you've just spent the whole night reading your notifications. You jumped out of bed at the first chance to get that fake satisfaction. Chances are, you have done this before, as with a lot of others. Social media networks are harmful to our society for many different reasons, such as lowering your self-esteem, time wasting and safety on the web. First, the internet usually lowers self-confidence and this leads to depression. According to "My Secure Cyberspace, "Think Time: Teens and Social Networks," about "39 % of teens have been bullied online." That means almost half of the teens using sites on the web have been cyberbullied. Bullying in general is not good for people. About "18% of teens have been punished or disciplined because of something they say on social media." Without discipline, people do not learn, in addition to this, "31% of teens share something they do not want…show more content…
According to Matthew Oransky, an assistant professor of young psychiatry, he says that "parents should talk with their kids about the consequences of posting inappropriate pictures or personal details." If they post these things, their information is out there, this can lead to online bullying and can affect your future job or college education. This information was taken from the article, "Social media can be both bummer and boon for the brain," written by Kaiser Health News, edited by Newsela on 10.27.17. Also, the article titled "My Secure Cyberspace, "Think Time: Teens and Social Networks," written on June 12 2012, states that "only a few states ban registered sex offenders from using the internet and social media." Teens may think they are talking to a young person like them, but in reality, they may be talking to a 46 year old
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