Argumentative Essay On Hate Crime

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Hate Crime
Does hating someone make us a better person? Since I am Hispanic and bisexual I have dealt with hate crime. People stare and talk behind my back and some just tell me to my face that I’m “disgusting” or “lazy”. I also recently got the news that a close friend of mine was starting the process of having a sex change from male to female. Although it was shocking I was accepting of the change and didn’t judge. I think a lot about how much he will suffer with the process. He will lose friends and family, get looks and most of all have nasty things said about him. Coincidentally it was around this time that I was told to write an argumentative paper on the topic of my choosing. The idea then came to me and the timing couldn’t be better. I chose hate crime because of my personal experiences and also because being prejudice in taught it is not something we are born with. I will focus on what hate crime is, whom it affects, and
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Hate crimes against race not only affect one person. The Encyclopedia of Race and Racism “Hate Crime” states, “When a person of a selected race or ethnicity is attacked simply because of skin color, the entire ethnic community is put in fear” (Hate Crimes). When a hate crime is committed against a certain race or ethnicity it strikes fear on the rest of the race or ethnicity. In an article titled Racism it states “Racism is a prejudice or an animosity against a person or group of people who belong to a different race”. Some may believe it is only one race that is being prejudice, but racism can be found in almost all cultures. “Racism dates back to the beginning of human existence, when small, isolated communities feared those who looked different or practiced different customs”(Racism). Racism isn’t only among black and whites, depending on where you live you can get racism for Hispanics, Asians, Africans or any other race which were not born in the
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