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Google defines hazing as the imposition of strenuous, often humiliating tasks, as part of a program of rigorous physical training and initiation. Google puts it way more eloquently than the general population. The truth is is that hazing is nothing more than people making other people do embarrassing stuff so that they can feel like they are more important for stupid reason. Generally that reason is that the people who are doing the hazing have been apart of an organization longer than those who are being hazed, who more than likely have just joined. Colleges have the highest rates of hazing than any other level. Studies have shown that more than 250,000 student athletes have experienced hazing, and that’s not even covering the Greek organizations - who have much higher numbers. Hazing has claimed many lives, and extremely injured many more. Most organizations have put in strict rules in hopes of preventing it, while many still turn a blind eye due to believing that is a right of passage.
Robertson High School is a quaint
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250,000 people in college alone will fall victim to hazing, but only a staggering 5% will report it. Along with this, 40% of college students report of knowing about an act of hazing. Many of the common side effects of hazing include: emotional instability, sleep loss, grade or quality of work will decline, and loss or decline in relationships with friends and/or family. Hazing can also affect those who are apart of the organization, but not necessarily apart of the hazing itself. Many great organizations have got bad reputations or even been shut down due to incidents such as the Robertson High School Football incident. Death is also an extremely real possibility. There have been 18 cases in the U.S. alone since 2010 of hazing related deaths, and an enormous amount more that did not get reported or the organizations were not

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