Argumentative Essay On Health Care

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There is proof and evidence that Americans citizens do not receive the healthcare that they need despite the fact that the U.S. spends more funds per individual on health care than compared to any other country. Individuals who are battling prolonged diseases such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease does not get the established and actual treatment that they should. For example, these individuals should be receiving drug therapies or self-management services so that they can assist them more efficiently and help them control their conditions. This goes for every American citizens that is uninsured, insured, or under-insured. These problems that the individuals are facing are only worsen due to the fact of lack of coordination…show more content…
The Act offers individuals access to a more affordable healthcare coverage, from childbirth through retirement age. The Act will cutback the total number of Americans who do not have insurance by more than half. Also, the act will help in covering 94% of the American population with health insurance coverage, decreasing about 31 million individuals who were uninsured, and rising Medicaid registration by 15 million beneficiaries. There will be about 24 million people who are anticipated to continue being uninsured. The Act has several major goals in which it what to see succeed in a near-universal healthcare coverage and for it done over joint responsibilities between the government, individuals, and businesses. The second goal is to enhance the justice, inequality, and individuals afford the cost of the healthcare coverage. Third goal is to enhance the health-care value and effectiveness all while decreasing careless spending and creating a health-care system that is more liable to a diverse population. Fourth goals is to reinforce the healthcare access whereas creating a long-term transformations in the convenience of preventative health care. The other goals is to develop a strategic investment in everyone’s health, within a growth of the medical preventative care and the public’s investments (Rosenbaum, S.
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