Argumentative Essay On Heavy Metal

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METAL. A sharp edge We all know the sound, enormous arenas packed with people who come to hear the distorted guitars, aggressive and sometimes violent lyrics, and fast drum beats. This is metal, by far the most controversial genre of music in America. Heavy metal is generally divided into 8 main sub-genres, Heavy metal, doom metal, death metal, groove metal, black metal, alternative metal, metalcore and deathcore. Numerous violent events have been blamed on this dark genre. While this genre is largely controversial, the dark lyrics function for regular people as a vent for their anger instead of a provoker for it. Today, true heavy metal is all but dead. It is the music of yesteryear, giving way to the largely successful hip hop movement. but heavy metal’s oldest son, hard rock, is doing very well today with bands like disturbed and five finger death punch still releasing albums that are certified gold and sometimes even platinum.”billboard top 100, 2010” Hard rock in general has more clean vocals than heavy…show more content…
The solution is to establish programs to help these people. If we are too busy blaming the music that these people had listened to, we will not be able to help prevent future tragedies. Marilyn Manson was interviewed for the video documentary “bowling for columbine” where he was asked what he would say to the two young men if he had the chance, he lashes back with an incredible answer “i would say nothing, i would listen to what they had to say, because that is what no one did”. “Bowling for columbine” . This comment shocked the public as it brings a new light to the whole ordeal: that that particular action was not fueled by violent music, but rather it could have been an ordeal the individuals were going
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