Argumentative Essay On Helicopter Parenting

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Researchers have defined “helicopter parenting” as parents who are too involved in their children’s life. This includes solving problems that children could solve on their own and making important decisions on their children’s behalf. This causes many problems in children. Helicopter parenting is wrong because it is invading a child’s privacy. A parent hovering is harmful to the child because it can cause a feeling of being overwhelmed by always having someone over their shoulder (“Here’s Why You Need to Stop Helicopter Parenting”). Helicopter parenting can cause anxiety, depression, a lack of confidence, unhappiness, academic problems, and many other difficulties in a child’s lives. Anxiety can come from always having a parent there to fix their problems whenever the child may want to fix the problem on their own. A child has to learn from their own mistakes, and whenever a parent is always there to mend their problems they have no…show more content…
It was found that going through no stressful experience does not help ones resilience (“What’s Wrong with Helicopter Parenting?”). This research also proved that helicopter parenting can cause the child to have low self-esteem and develop high-risk behaviors such as binge-drinking (“Here’s Why You Need to Stop Being a Helicopter Parent). Holly Schiffrin, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Mary Washington, conducted a survey on two-hundred ninety-seven college-aged children. She asked multiple questions about the kids’ parents. Their answers proved that helicopter parenting made them lack confidence. The “self-determination theory” states that every person needs three basic properties in order to be happy: they must feel autonomous, competent and connected with other people. Schriffin’s study with college-aged kids showed that helicopter parenting made the kids lack these three needs (“Hover No
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