Argumentative Essay On Helmet Safety

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A sad reality of Americans today is the mentality that individuals carry that nothing bad will ever happen to them, I won’t get cancer, I won’t have my personal information stolen, or I won’t get into an accident. In actuality, bad things happen to everyone, very often they are completely unexpected and if you were not prepared, you will soon wish that you had been. When it comes to motorcycle crashes, no one ever expects to be involved in one, and anyone who is seriously injured in one while not wearing helmet or safety gear, sure wishes that they had been. Most importantly, motorcycle helmets save lives and prevent people from minor and serious injuries. Motorcycle specific clothing, such as a leather jacket, kevlar padded pants, boots and gloves also prevent against serious or minor injuries.…show more content…
Thankfully, my full face helmet protected by chin area as that was what hit the pavement first, and very hard. I slid and rolled on my leather jacket and kevlar pants, got up, picked up the bike, and continued on my way. Had I have not been wearing any gear, I would have surly broke my jaw, if not worse. I know first hand the importance of motorcycle safety gear, it really does save lives and prevents injury. I believe that we need a universal helmet law in the United States, that requires all riders and passengers of motorcycles to wear a helmet by law. I also believe that their must be a mandatory motorcycle safety class put in place for all people of all ages who seek a motorcycle license. Motorcycle safety is a neglected topic in the United States, helmets and safety gear save lives and prevent injury, we must create laws and regulations that not only teach the importance of their use, but require
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