Argumentative Essay On Hercules

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Fabian Meraz

Mr. Recinto

English 1-2 2 B

November 18,2015

Hercules: The Strongest Mortal

My epic hero is Hercules better known in Greece as Heracles. Hercules was the strongest hero to live. He was very powerful and everyone loved him. You might think "how strong is Hercules?". He killed a lion with his bare hands and feet! There was one thing that made him even scarier, he is a mortal! Hercules was a brave hero.

Once something happened in the city of troy that made the Greek god Poseidon very mad. It got him so mad he sent a big sea monster to go attack the ship the princess of Troy! But Hercules was there to make sure nothing happened and he killed the big sea monster saving the princess of troy! Just imagine fighting a huge sea monster and killing it with ease.
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A centaur named Nessus had to cross one by one across the river. First Nessus took Hercules across the river, then he went back for Hercules bride. Once the centaur took his bride to the middle of the river he tried to rape her! Hercules got charged up and shot A poison bow at the centaur and thought he killed it. Before the centaur died he gave his bride a potion of centaur blood saying "if you ever think he is getting tired of you or wants to leave you for another woman use this to get his feelings back." Then died.

A couple months later Hercules wife thought that Hercules was seeing another woman. So she got one of his tunics and rubbed the blood on the inside of it. Not knowing the centaur lied to her and it was actually blood and the poison that was on the arrow that Hercules shot at it! once Hercules put on the tunic his skinned burned all around and he was in so much pain he wanted to die. A ordinary human would have died already but not Hercules. When He died He went to the gods and the god Hera gave him immortality and let him marry her daughter and from then on he lived with the
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