Argumentative Essay On High School Sports

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From the Friday night lights to the last second goal, school sports are a major part of the high school journey. In fact, according to "Are High School Sports Good For Kids?" by Daniel Gould, Ph.D., over five million students from the United States participate in a school sport. High school sports are a great way for student-athletes to stay healthy, make new friends, and be a part of a team atmosphere. In addition, school sports keep kids off of the streets and lower the athlete's chance of committing a crime.

School sports are a tremendous way for student-athletes to create new, meaningful relationships. Many sports in high school are either a team or an individual, but many athletes practice with other students in the same sport. Typically,
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As stated by source 2, many high school athletes don't have a full developed body. Inexperience and lack of knowledge of techniques could leave the athlete's body prone to injuries. Football is a high contact sport, where athletes could get hurt at any moment. Improper techniques in tackling and tackling too high could lead to brain injuries. "Over 517,726 football related injuries occurred in 2005-2006 across high schools in the United States", claimed by source 2. However, sports injuries are rare and typically do not put the athlete sports put athletes in harm's way. Source 2 claims that, many schools in the nation have a highly advanced training staff and coaches or at least trying to replicate how the NCAA handles equipment and injuries. With proper training and coaching, athletes lower their chances of getting injured in sports. Overall then, despite the possible injuries, the benefits of sports simply outweigh the potential…show more content…
Being on a team teaches the student some valuable life lessons. For example, being able to do tasks together, not alone, standing up for each other, and have fun while you can. Later on in life you don't want to have that feeling of regret from not playing sports when you had the chances to
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