Disadvantages Of High Skilled Immigration

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Immigration has happened since the beginning of human mankind. Nowadays, there are still a huge number of people who immigrate to another country in the world. It still increasing day by day due to globalization century. The increasing in the number of people who immigrate has led to a wide range of problems and benefits to the nation. Some issues such as culture conflict between immigrants and native or security of the country has happened at an increased frequency dramatically. According to BBC news, “said Brunson McKinley (2005), head of the IOM: "We are living in an increasingly globalized world that can no longer depend on domestic labor markets alone. This is a reality that has to be managed"”. Even though increase in immigrants means government has to spend money to make citizens more secure, the whole economy can benefit significantly have a huge…show more content…
An additional benefit is that high-skilled immigrants are likely to pay far more in taxes than they use in public services, generating a positive net contribution to government fiscal accounts. Although high-skilled immigration has a lot of benefit developing countries, most of high-skilled immigrants want to work in developed countries rather developing countries, which cause difficulties to developing countries to attract them to come to work for their countries. On the other hand, developed countries like Japan, England, USA, not only they also want skilled immigrants to have more benefit to their economy and society but also they more opened to unskilled labor to come to their country because they can pay less money than the natives workers. However, having too many working labor in their country not only the nation’s problems will not minor like governments expect from immigration but also the economy has more burden in spending more on security or training to immigrants workers. Julius (1947) suggested

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