Argumentative Essay On Homeless Youth

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When we think about our homeless youth we automatically think about poverty and what is our specific state doing about it. The reality part of this is, there are only certain states that act upon this situation while there are other states that put other issues before this. However, the country is starting to recognize this issue due to the other states such as Minnesota taking a rise on this situation. Some say there are shelters that are provided for teenagers. However, those shelters are not guaranteed. When there are not enough beds in the shelters the streets is the only other option for the homeless. In Chicago, our homeless youth call it couch surfing. They are constantly going to different doors just to have somewhere to sleep. The other half is "explicit" homelessness, such as sleeping in cars, sheds, or under bridges (Kim, 2008, para. 7). While homelessness can be known as an urban problem, it is much more than that. There are several people in our society who think homelessness are majority from adults who have never mounted to anything in their life, the divorced, the drug users, and those who have no motivation to make something better of themselves, but that is just an ideal thought. Others feel the…show more content…
While the causes that lead a kid to life on the streets are incredibly diverse, below are a few critical issues that often lead a child to the streets (Covenant House, n.d., para. 5). Even though foster care is an option of resource, there are adults in this world who do not deserve to be foster parents. There are a lot of teenagers who are in and out of foster homes. This can lead them to homelessness as well as juvenile justice systems, and unemployment. However, The Improve Group are taking action toward this situation and offering free health care assistance, education, legal assistance, and job
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