Persuasive Essay About Homelessness In America

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Homelessness in America Imagine that you are in a classroom at De Anza and you are walking outside after class ends. You are not walking to your car or another classroom but you’re living there. You have no shelter or money. When it’s cold you are shivering and writhing in pain. When the weather becomes uncontrollably hot you sweat in pain and anger while gasping for air. When it starts to rain you get soaked in water and tears. This is what life is like for many Americans each day in land we call America the “Beautiful”. Homelessness in America is a societal issue that is rarely mention in our society today because many citizens think that it is not as important as other social issues that exists in America. These homeless people are engineers, lawyers, doctors, and etc. Their careers and jobs are important to our society. The reason they became homeless are from missteps they took throughout their lives. Homelessness is not just about money and housing. It is about human rights failure. We as a community should be more involved with this issue as well as put more of our focuses on helping the homeless community. The homeless community is like burnt out flames hoping to find sparks to reignite them again. To begin with, homeless people are not living in a place that is meant for human habitation. The effects of homelessness on…show more content…
Let 's talk about ways we can do to help. There are many things we can do to help. You don’t need to donate a big amount to help. Just sit down with a homeless person and talk to them. Showing that we care about can motivate them to make a change. Donate as much as you can. A little as a dollar per week can supply twenty weeks of lunch for a homeless person. Our money funds housings, counseling services, food pantries, and many more! If we come together as one and donate as much as possible the homeless numbers will decrease

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