Argumentative Essay On Homosexuality

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The issue of "homosexuality" seems to have divided the nation. While the matter is still under sub-judice, the debate over the draconian Section 377 continues in the public sphere. It is now no longer is a legal battle as the debate almost settled legally, but the moral argument continues. Ofcourse it is a vague topic as many advocate for it and a lot of people oppose. The fundamental question is whether anyone cares about the moral argument? Homosexuality is regarded as one of the possible expressions of human desire. Although some Hindu scriptures contain injunctions against homosexuality, a number of Hindu mythological stories have portrayed homosexual experience as natural and joyful. There are several Hindu temples which have carvings that depict both men and women engaging in homosexual act. But this has been disputed within the religion as well as outside of it. In 2009, The United Kingdom Hindu Council issued a statement that 'Hinduism does not condemn homosexuality ', subsequent to the decision of the Delhi High Court to legalise homosexuality in India. Probably, this is the only issue for which the priests, Babas & Maulanas from different faiths have been united and agree to raise one voice on this topic. Many of them have told on TV how homosexuality is against the "great Indian culture". But, if one takes a quick glance at the ancient Indian culture, mythology etc, this topic is not new. Indian mythology has several such stories of transgender and alternate
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