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Hi, I'm Stephanie. I’m a busy mom of a high school aged son and now I’m also a student myself. An item that I cannot do without is electricity. I know that term encompasses a lot, but that is exactly my point of why I need to have it. Whenever the power goes out, I am really uncomfortable. From having electricity to heat the water in the hot water tank for a nice warm shower, to have it for running the hairdryer for drying my hair, to have it for my computer to do my schoolwork, to have it to be able to turn on the lights at night, to snuggling under my electric blanket on a cold night, to keeping the freezer foods frozen and the refrigerator items cold, I must have electricity! I think that electricity is definitely a luxury, but also I believe…show more content…
My father and his family have been beekeepers for generations and now my son has become involved with it also. For about the past eight years, my father and other relatives have been losing many of their hives to bee death. My son actually researched this issue of honey bees dying because it is happening on such a large scale across the country and in some other countries as well a couple of years ago for his social studies project that he took to the state competition. There are millions of bees dying which this can have consequences for our food supply because bees are relied on to pollinate our crops. Scientists think that one of the main causes of this problem is because of the pesticides that being used called neonicotinoids. Neonicotinoids are used to control insect pests. They are coated on seeds such as corn, soybean, cotton, and wheat. Also, they are sprayed on crops. There is a movement happening now that is trying to stop the usage of neonicotinoids and hopefully save the honeybees before it is too late. I think that this can be connected to biology because it is the study of living organisms which would be the honeybees and also chemistry because it is the science of the structure and properties of substances and that relates to the chemical makeup of the neonicotinoid

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