Argumentative Essay On Honor Codes

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In today’s society schools hold their honor codes high in the air as a sign that their school has a policy against cheating. Yet, that has not fixed the problem. In our technological society answers to quizzes, worksheets, and essays can be accessed and shared in a second. Honor codes have not fixed the problem, but they haven’t worsened it. At Cedaredge High School we do not have a written honor code. Our honor code runs along the lines of bruin pride versus an actual honor code. If a student written honor code that did not change with who you are or the family you are a part of could be established at CHS then it would greatly improve our school environment.
An enormous issue the honor code must address is the prevalence of cheating. A school can not function without a set guideline of rules, responsibilities, and disciplinary actions. In source C, paragraph five, a statement by McCabe is made. “Honor codes don’t always work...their success depends on a culture of academic integrity”. CHS has an ambition for academic integrity but a majority of students do not even know what that means. What CHS needs is a sound base for an honor code and to make students understand what our honor code means. After the honor code has been explained and everyone understands there will be a social taboo formed around cheating.
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With an honor code enacted trust between teacher and student will form. A situation like the one depicted in source A would not happen. Source A is stating the irony of saying that spycams improve honor codes. There is no trust in that honor system. Source F also states that “many schools with academic honor codes allow students to take their exams without proctors present, relying on peer monitoring to control cheating”. The honor system presented from source F illustrates a healthy level of trust with students. I believe this is something CHS should strive
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