Argumentative Essay On How Ponyboy Changed My Life

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I'm still in the hospital suffering from pain while Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop wait in the hospital waiting room for news about Me and Dally. Eventually, a doctor emerges. He says that Dally will be okay in a few days, but that my back has been broken, and that if I survive, I will be crippled for life. Ponyboy tries not to cry when he hears this news. This can really harden my life and this will make me less sensitive to physical and emotional pain. The next morning, when Two-Bit and Steve Randle drop by, they show Ponyboy the morning paper which has an article with the headline "Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes. The article credits me and Ponyboy for saving the children's lives. I acted only in self-defense. The article finishes by saying that the Curtis boys should be…show more content…
Randy then tells Ponyboy that he is tired of the gang violence and devastated by Bob's death, and says that he won't fight in the rumble. He tells Ponyboy about Bob's troubled family life, and describes Bob as a great friend with a bad temper.I didn't even imagine that Randy would do this and was this matured. Ponyboy has a new understanding of the Socs now. Two-Bit and Ponyboy visit me in the hospital and saw that I was very weak. I ask for a copy of Gone with the Wind, and Two-Bit goes to the drugstore to get it for me. Alone with Ponyboy, I say that I'm not ready to die, that I haven't had enough time or enough opportunities yet in my life. A nurse comes in to say that my mother has come to visit. I never felt any real love from my mother and I refuse to see her. Darry was in a good shape, but is unhappy that he'll have to miss the rumble that night. Ponyboy is feeing sick and has a bad feeling about the rumble. At the vacant lot Ponyboy asks for her forgiveness. When Ponyboy askes Cherry whether she can see the sunset well from the West Side, she says she can but he says that he can still see it from the East Side,
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