Human Cloning

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The technology of science is advancing so fast that society has difficulties in keeping pace with the complexities that new developments bring. Having this technology now in our grasp has enabled us to research further than ever. Until recently, discussion on human cloning was conducted within the realm of science fiction and fantasy. However, with the successful cloning of the sheep "Dolly" in 1997 (NYTimes, 2013), it became evident that sooner or later, scientists might be able to clone human beings too. Human cloning should not be legalised because it defies ethics, harms genetic abnormalities and exploits women.
To begin with, human cloning should not be allowed because it is unethical. According to Weldon (2002), human cloning is never …show more content…

According to Morales(2009), cloning can relate to both physical and mental detriment, and the physical harm can be related to genetic harm to the cloned. Morales(2009) claimed that “Other scholars, among the critics of cloning, also argue that serious psychological issues will happen to the cloned, which might include identity and individuality issues.” It is true when Dinc(2003) stated that, the large offspring syndrome appears to be correlated with an incorrect imprint of the IGF2R (insulin-like growth factor II receptor) gene in Kilian’s report. Human cloning brings much potential harm to the clone including genetic harms. During the later development of cloning process, the clones have tendency to result in abnormally large organs than their natural counterparts due to the genetic abnormalities. The person with abnormally large organs will face many health problems such as blood circulation and breathing problems, and this may cause death. Even if the clone does not suffer the problem of abnormally large organ, but there is also a higher chance that the clone has malfunctioned organ especially kidney and an impaired immune system. There is no point to create a human with malfunctioned kidney or no immune system and also the genetic effects most often seem to be fatal at the very …show more content…

(Beauchard,n.d.;2) claimed that “human cloning is a cure for cancer through cloning and other forms of genetic research, scientists are ready to learn all kinds of important information about the genetic makeup of cancer and we may have the way to cure the cancer soon”. Besides that, according to Beauchard(n.d.), human cloning is said to supply a limitless source of organ donors. This could finally be a long lasting way to the ever growing demand for organ donors. “Millions of Americans suffer from a terrible neurological disorder known as Parkinson disease. This disease affects the control of the muscles. So, obviously it leads to a way to repair damaged nerves by cloning the nerve cells from the injured person.”(Beauchard,n.d.;1). Beauchard(n.d.) also stated that cloning of humans could be the greatest accomplishment of medical science because genetically inherited diseases such as Haemophilia and Down’s syndrome could be recognised and treated while the baby is still in the mother’s womb. However, it would destroy people 's dignity and individuality where the clones would still have individual personalities. A lot of religious leaders are shunning cloning based on claims that we should not be playing God. Black market will be created for human embryos with specific traits and instead of seeing the many benefits that this

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