Argumentative Essay On Ilams In Islam

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Aftermaths of 9/11 ,2005 London Bombings and the emergence of Isis in Iraq, gives birth to a question that Being a Muslim is fortunate or unfortunate in the Western world.
As Islam is unfortunately the most misinterpreted, distorted and wrongly portrayed religion in the world presently ,and the sufferers are the ordinary Muslims in their day to day lives. If we see the latest world view for example ,like the destruction of Twin towers in America,2005 London Bombings in England ,The conflict of Israel and Palestine and the ongoing beheadings which are being continuously done by the ISIS in Iraq, are affecting the Muslim diaspora in the western world and therefore it is an obnoxious fact ,that some Muslims who are kind of black sheep’s of the community ,are the cause of disturbing peace
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Not at all, this is not the real picture of this universally accepted religion .I am not here to justify any incident or any attack carried out in the last few decades, whilst I condemn the attacks on twin towers ,London Bombings, and the Isis killings. But I also must denounce the attacks carried out by united states on Afghanistan and Iraq where innocent people in huge numbers were massacred .
My question is that, Is it justified to bombard a place for one man in Afghanistan including the Television network Of Aljazeera, which was broadcasting the live images of the entire scene and does the apology for the Iraq war by the Bush Administration rationalizethe killings of innocent civilians in Iraq ?Actually the seed of terrorism was sown ,after the vandalism of Iraq and Afghanistan by the so called super power nation ,because injustice gives birth to

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