Argumentative Essay On Undocumented Immigrants

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DACA offers many more opportunities to the young illegal immigrants, like the right to work and study and to provide for themselves while feeling safe. Luis Gomez has been a DACA recipient since its inception. In an interview with TIME’s Maya Rhodan and Emma Talkoff, he was asked how his daily life changed with DACA. He stated that, “The biggest thing for me was when I got my driver’s license. Studying for the test, passing the test on the computer, and the driving test—just the process, and then getting my driver’s license and driving. That sense of freedom that I could drive, and if I’m pulled over I know it must be justified somehow, and if I did something bad then I know that the cop isn’t going to write me up for something that I can’t say anything about.…show more content…
There are many things that American citizens take for granted every day. Gomez, and most other undocumented immigrants, could not drive legally and safely. DACA allowed him the simple benefit of being able to go places without fearing what could happen if he were pulled over by a cop. This meant that he was able to get to work, school, and any other place he wanted to go, with a feeling of security. Another undocumented immigrant whose life changed thanks to being able to get a driver’s license through DACA was Carolina Bortolleto. In the same interview for TIME she explained, “The biggest impact [DACA] had in my life was getting a driver’s license. I was never able to get a license before, so I was always dependent on other people driving places or public transportation, Even though I was 24 when DACA came out, I never really felt independent” (Rhodan, Talkoff). DACA granted many undocumented immigrants a liberty that they had never been able to experience before. This is shown through people like Bortolleto, who speak of their experiences; the biggest impact to come from DACA is the simple access to a driver’s license which speaks

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