Illegal Immigration And Crime Essay

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: Illegal immigration has put a burden financially, economically, and socially on the hard-working American taxpayers. Eleven million illegal immigrants have poured through our borders over the years and have put a financial strain on our American taxpayers. There are Americans who struggle everyday for an honest pay and yet we have illegal immigrants who have work handed to them and some that are beginning to do better than some Americans. Now don 't get me wrong, I am all for immigrants coming to America. But, there is a legal and an illegal way to do things. I am all for people moving to our country to seek out the American Dream, as long as they do so legally. When immigrants go through our channels and come into our country legally they too can become Americans as long as they are productive members of society and law abiding citizens. But when they come in illegally and begin working undocumented, then that is unfair for those who are working and have to pay taxes. We are the ones stuck paying for their healthcare and housing and insurance. Its honestly straining for many Americans. Being the son of a successful business owner, I have seen my…show more content…
Well let 's take a look shall we? On September 16, 2015, Malia Zimmerman, who is an investigative reporter from Fox News, wrote an article on “Elusive” crime. Wave data shows a frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminals. In the absence of comprehensive data, Fox News examined sources and state and federal statistics revealed that a strange and outlandish disproportionate number of murderers, rapists, and drug dealers are crossing into the United States amid the wave of hardworking families seeking a better life. The explosive figures show that illegal aliens are three times as likely to be convicted of a murder as murderers if the general population and account for far more crimes than their 3.5 percent share of the
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