Essay On Illegal Pet Trade

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People used to have pets like dogs, cats, birds and more. These pet are easy to get and to take care of. But, with the human developments and the devotion for adventures and risks, people starts to hunt, buy and pet a wild animals like lions and tigers. Although, some people use the wild animals for a circus and to get some money behind them. Other use them just to have fun and to show off. But why do people want to pet a wild, dangerous animal? And what are the negative effects of that illegal pet trade? And is there any attacks from the exotic animals? And what is the government’s role in these cases?
There is some ridiculous reasons why do people pet a wild animals. The first ridiculous reason is some people think taking care of a dog or cat is simply not challenging and risky enough. They enjoy the risk of owning an exotic animal and having the opportunity to observe its behavior. The second ridiculous reason is some people think if cats and dogs can be domesticated, then the exotic animals can too. The myth is wild animals can be successfully domesticated if you take it
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The most negative effect of having an exotic animals is Disease threat. This threat both of the exotic animal and the humans. The wild exotic animals can carry diseases that are dangerous to people such as rabies, virus and even the Monkey Pox that affected dozens of people in the Midwest in 2003, it was traced to a Gambian rat from Africa. Also, because of people who contact with reptiles and other exotic animals, there is for 74,000 cases of salmonellosis each year. A study in Archives of Disease in Childhood reported that children infected with salmonella from contact with reptiles were more likely to develop serious bacterial diseases than children who contracted salmonella from other sources (2015). Hedgehogs can transmit salmonella bacteria as well as viral and fungal diseases, and their sharp spines can cause skin
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