Argumentative Essay On Immigrant Children

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Even though some people think immigrant children are trouble makers, these children need help. First of all, children immigrants almost certainly have trouble at home. Also, when old enough children will pay taxes to help our government. If these children come here we can put them in a adoption system where they can receive a family that truly loves them. Over all these children need our help and they can do our government good.

These defenceless children most likely have trouble at home. The parents of these children are most likely violent, drug abusers, e.c.t. Also, these children way not have any home to go to. If so what will they do when they are sent back? Finally, these children may have abusive parents and therefore they will most likely be beaten
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As humans we need food and water to survive, these children are no exception. Once these children have bought what they need to survive tax that they have paid will be coming to our government. Our government will use the money to improve ourselves as a country. There for these children will help our government.

Adoption centers will be very useful if these children are allowed in. There are couples in this world that are unable to have children but once these children are cent to adoption care, these families will be complete. Immigrant children need homes, these families will love and care for their every need. If this system is put into place these children will be cared for unlike they were at their old home. Over all these children can bring joy to incomplete families.

Children all over the world come here for a better life, if we do not let them in their lives will continue to not be what they wish. We need to help these children on their journey to a better life. I hope you learned that these children should be able to stay here and prove themselves

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