Argumentative Essay On Immigration Issues

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Ali Muhammad Economy 210 Professor Rowther Immigrant issues An immigrant is someone who has citizenship of one country and living in other country. The word immigration is mean someone is between two different countries. Since the birth of America immigrant has always been hard fact. People came to America from all over the world. Immigration issues have played a large part in U.S. domestic policy. Why do people migrate to other country and what are U.S policy on immigration. Immigrant leave their country and enter another country to live there. Just by leaving in another country they are not considered immigrant unless they have citizenship of another country. A legal person enters the country with intention of living there and…show more content…
The immigration and Naturalization Act allows about 675,000 immigration from worldwide. The congress and the president decides how many refugee admissions should be allowed. United States values immigration to reunion families, immigrants with high skill potential, providing safety for refugees, and last endorsing different diversity. Visa petition can be filed to a spouse, son or daughter, parents, brothers if the person sending is a citizen of the U.S. A person who’s been living in the U.S for long period of time and holds a green card they can apply for an immigration vise for their children, spouse. Another thing is that I-130 petition must be filed with Alien Relative with U.S citizen and Immigration services. A very well technique or someone who has the skill can be sponsored by the Employer who has be a U.S citizen. In some other cases the immigrant themselves can be sponsored. The U.S laws give an immigrant opportunities like immigrant categories and investor program. In for the sponsor they have to first apply an I-140 petition for alien worker with U.S citizenship and immigration service. In other cases the I-140 petition can be filed by the person themselves. Each year the United States laws a certain number of visa to countries. The categories involve applicants to wait for available once they are in then they have to go waiting. The visas are first come first served whoever applied first will
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