Pros And Cons Of Tanning

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Every year, the indoor-tanning industry makes approximately 5 billion dollars (Wingert). Tanning attracts all different kinds of people for numerous reasons. People want that crisp glow and dark skin that is not always offered during every season. There are individuals who believe tanning is beneficial; however, others believe that tanning is not healthy because of research. It is proven through research that tanning can lead in negative outcomes because of the strength of the rays, decreased vitamin D, and the increased risk for Skin Cancer. It is stated that the luminous rays produced from a tanning bed are twelve times stronger than the rays from the sun (Wingert). Although people argue that they can control the time of how long they are exposed to the rays, they can 't control the strength. The powerful rays of a tanning bed protrude his or her skin sink down deep and begin to bring up Melanocytes: a special skin cells that produce melanin (skin pigment) when they are exposed to ultraviolet light in sunlight. Melanin allows that dark tan to develop, but just a little too long under the damaging rays can cause his or her skin to sizzle. The layer of skin that was once baby soft is now vibrant red. The red can now lead to Melanoma. The rays…show more content…
Melanoma. Vitamin D deficiency. The use of indoor tanning leads to nothing positive besides a slight tan than that lasts for a week. A bundle of medical bills is not worth a tan. Everyone is valued on this earth and should not be wasted because of self-appearance. More than 400,000 cases of skin cancer in the U.S. are associated with indoor tanning. Each and every one of those 400,000 people wish they could’ve of gone back and rethought their decision. Individuals should use this education to his or her advantage. People should this information and go out and share it, learn about it, and apply it to his or her own life. Stay away from the perilous UV rays and do not use indoor tanning. Every life is
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