Argumentative Essay On Infidelity

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Infidelity is the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or partner. Breaking the promise or vow to remain committed only to them. Infidelity is very common, more so than couples that are truly faithful to each other through a lifetime together. Television. Social media, authority figures, celebrities, even music in modernity pretty much advertises adultery and makes youth think it is acceptable and morally okay to do. The sad truth about marriage today is that most couples go through some form of disloyalty. Pornography, dating apps, gentleman’s clubs, etc. all have contributive factors that go hand in hand with adultery.
There are endless reasons why people choose to cheat, a need to feel connected, lack of sexual desire for their spouse, not
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She closed herself off from the world. My 2 younger siblings were too young to understand what happened, but I was 12 at the time and though I didn’t understand exactly what cheating was, I knew my dad had another girlfriend. I knew my mom was hurting, you could see it in her red puffy eyes when she would come out of her room. She started going out drinking every night, and sometimes we would miss school because I couldn’t get her out of bed. She was broken, I was angry and confused, my dad was gone, and my siblings didn’t understand why our family was falling apart. My dad didn’t talk to any of his kids for a year after the divorce. I saw the pain my mom went through, I saw our family break, I saw my dad break down years later because of what he did to us. I will never believe that infidelity is a justifiable act, even if the couple does manage to work things through that relationship they knew before is done and over, that trusting bond they had before will no longer be there. I will never believe that adultery in a family is acceptable. Putting your own selfish needs in front of those who care most about you is the worst thing you could do to your family. Making them feel unimportant, unwanted, and unloved. Nobody is worth losing your family

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