Examples Of Intellectual Pluralism

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I will do an essay on the heated topic of intellectual pluralism. As an international affairs student with a multicultural background, I believe I am able to give my arguments on this topic. Intellectual pluralism does not belong in a democracy because it does not respect its basic definition and encourages intolerance. Consequently, I will present three assertion proving the fallibility of the idea of intellectual pluralism, and therefore, offer an in depth examination of the arguments in its favor, followed by my answer, which defends the opposite vision: purism. As previously stated in this essay, this text defends one position, purism, against an other one, intellectual pluralism. The principle of pluralism is saying that people of different…show more content…
Our western societies are in majority democracies. According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, « Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the principle of holding periodic and genuine elections by universal suffrage are essential elements of democracy. » This means that human rights is a right included in democracy. As stated by Lord Bhikhu Parekh “Although free speech is an important value, it is not the only one. Human dignity, equality, freedom to live without harassment and intimidation, social harmony, mutual respect, and protection of one’s good name and honor are also central to the good life and deserve to be safeguarded. Because these values conflict, either inherently or in particular contexts, they need to be balanced.” Even in our democracies, where free speech is claimed every day by million of people as a complete right to express their opinion, as hurtful as it could be, intellectual pluralism should not belong there. Democracies are created for people’s regulation, satisfaction (« government (...) for the people ») and happiness (proved by the interest created by the notion of Gross National Happiness, which could measure it), and letting everyone express their hate or harm someone orally could attack this idea of happiness promoted by many governments. As a consequence, the Secretary General of the United Nations write a « Model Law Against Racial Discrimination » which restricts the freedom of opinion, expression, and peaceful assembly: « it shall be an offense to threaten, insult, ridicule or otherwise abuse a person or group of persons with words or behavior which may be interpreted as an attempt to cause racial discrimination or racial hatred »; « it shall be an offense to defame an individual or group of individuals on racial grounds. Organizations which
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