Argumentative Essay On Internet Addiction

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Mikela Jennings Living in the world today where everything is or in the process of becoming technology based, the initial thoughts are that this would make human life easier, more accessible, and maybe even more affordable. With all these possibilities set in motion, the inevitable negatives of our society being so technology-based are rearing their ugly head. Internet addictions, although growing amongst people especially youths at alarming rates, are being overlooked due to how common and acceptable it is to be on the internet 24/7 is within the United States now. However, much like any other addiction, if it goes undiagnosed and untreated for long enough it can have dire effects on a person’s life. During my interview with a friend who…show more content…
Whether it is substance abuse, sex addiction or being a kleptomaniac, all these addictions share similar symptoms. With internet addiction, some may view it from the outside looking in as normal behavior in today’s world, especially parents of kids who are constantly online or play videos games that allow for them to connect with others through it. However, if a child or even a fully-grown adult does not have any limits set in place on their time spent on the internet, it could easily turn into a full-blown dependency. People who are shy, timid, and insecure in real life most likely to develop internet addictions through games that allow for people to create a fake life online. Additionally, people who are just generally unhappy with how their real life is are more vulnerable to internet dependency. The first step to treating any addiction is for the addiction to acknowledged for what it is. Creating awareness for parents with children who have gaming consoles and computers can help them identify whether their children are growing too attached to internet life. For adults, one way to tackle this addiction is to start setting limits on internet usage and trying to go one or two days without it. Encouraging people, especially minors, to get out more and be more physically social can help combat this

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