Argumentative Essay On Into The Wild

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Whitney Moore
Ms. Gustafson
English 10 Honors
29 February 2016

Happiness Magnified by Community

Happiness is fully experienced when shared with community. A person’s immediate happiness is their own and comes from their own personal beliefs. However, long term happiness comes from being able to share and talk about what makes you happy.

Happiness is fully experienced when shared with community through pictures and journals. To be happy you do not need other people. You do not need community and you do not need another human. However, happiness is short lived when it is not shared with people. If people are not around the happiness that is felt by accomplishing something or doing an activity that is exhilarating is very present but …show more content…

Chris McCandless share his story told in Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Chris takes pictures and writes journals about his adventures which shares his story with the society. His happiness came from where he went and the things he accomplished while he was there. He recorded these things in his journals and by taking pictures. So he was able to share his experiences and the things that made him happy with his family, friends and strangers even after he had passed. Near the end of his journey Chris come to the realization that “‘HAPPINESS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED.” (Krakauer, 189) He could still share his thoughts with people even after he unexpectedly died. Chris wanted to come out of the wild alive to share his happiness but he ended up not making it so he was still able to make his story known and heard through his journals and pictures. This is also true in Survivor Type by Stephen King. Richard Pine believed he would get out of his situation alive. He believed he would escape the situation he was in but in the meantime he would write down his life story. Through his journals he was telling society about who he was and what he had gone through. He went step by step through his …show more content…

When experiences of happiness are told one's happiness is relieved and the people who hear it get to share in the adventure. This lengthens and enhances the moment that made the person happy in the first place. This moment lives on and influence others as the story is told. When it is not told the happiness dies out very quickly like in Into the Wild. When Krakauer is telling his story of his own personal adventure he tells the readers about when he got to the top of the Devil’s Thumb he was so happy and thrilled “I felt my cracked lips stretch into a painful grin. I was on top of the Devils Thumb.” (Krakauer, 153) However, when he got off the mountain no one believed that he climbed the mountain. He tried telling several people about his trip and none of them would take him seriously. He soon lost his happiness he soon went back to his same old life. In Man Hits Road of Life with Hands Off Wheel by Ann Macari Healey Donovan DiLorenzo set off on his own adventure in the Middle East. He backpacked around the area and just survived on the kindness of strangers to get him through. When he returned home he told his parents and friends about his adventure and they got to live it even in a minor way “his experience is probably hard to share because we can’t understand it- we didn’t live it” (Healey, 2) His friend Neil was saying that Donavan could share his story with his friends and even though they might not

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