Argumentative Essay On Iraq Women

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Could you envision what it would be like to have absolutely no say in how your own country will function? To be unable to apply for and safely perform the job you desire? Unfortunately these circumstances are all too real and occur worldwide, especially in the Middle East. Women in Iraq are denied these fundamental rights because of their gender and the male-dominated society they live in. The women of Iraq are striving for the right to participate in Iraqi politics and war affairs. These women struggle to run for office and perform jobs that are normally reserved for men due to the severe gender inequality that plagues the Middle East. Women in Iraq are fighting for greater political influence and this initiates conflict between them and the…show more content…
A large majority of Iraq's population still disagrees with women upholding any position of power, but there are many who are pushing for change. A fine step in resolving this issue is being bravely performed by the police women of Iraq. These women risk their lives to perform their jobs, not just because they are police officers, but because they are women and are practically being hunted. Although most of them live their lives as an enforcer of the law, they must conceal their identities on duty with a hijab due to potentially violent militants and extremists who want to kill them for being women on the force. Aside from it being a dangerous job, it is also very difficult for women to join the police force. City police chief Abdul-Rahman states, “...of the 150 who recently applied, only 60 were admitted to the training program...And of those 60, only 47 actually joined the force”(Rath). Women on the force are also paid significantly less than males, about one hundred and fifty dollars a month less to be exact. And unlike men, women are not permitted to carry any firearms or weapons which makes their job extremely arduous. Iraq is gradually inching its way towards gender equality, but as you can see it’s not quite there just
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