Argumentative Essay On Japanese Internment

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On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked the United States and some more countries and islands. For America, it was the very first time that had been bombed by another country, thereupon every single person was in a big shock. Japanese aircrafts sank total of a twelve ships those were in the Pearl Harbor. After that day, during his Fireside Chat, American 32nd president Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared that the U.S. is going to involve in war. He cited this day as “a date which will live in infamy”. Because of an attack, more than 2,300 Americans lost their lives. After a few months later, on February 19, 1942, the Government announced that they’re going to interned Japanese Americans in concentration camps, passing an Executive order No. 9066. This order authorized the secretary of war to prescribe certain areas as military zones. In December, 1944, until an Executive Order was suspended by President FDR, and the relocation camps were stopped, almost ⅔ of Japanese Americans were interned there. Japanese Americans were interned about 4 years and after they released, some of them had to return to Japan, whereas some of them had to go back to their old life position. But…show more content…
Because about 3 months before their internment, Japan itself did attack a harbor, destroying ships, ruining a lot of people’s lives, breaking FDR’s heart down. During this internment, Japanese people, except those who lived in Hawaii, treated in a most badly way. There’s an attitude in some Americans that discriminated someone by their races, so then some people hated Japs, because they’re Asians. “Propaganda began to spread that Japanese-American fishing boat “will sow mines across the entrance of our ports…. Japanese farmers … will send their peas and potatoes and squash full of arsenic to the markets.” One California barbershop offered “free shaves for Japs” but was not responsible for
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