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Sharks have played a key role in the ocean, and have lived with little problems. Until a hit movie that scared and terrorized people out of their seats called jaws was in theaters. Sharks have been around longer than humans have, and they are on top of their food chain. They have few predators, but there worst predator is man himself. Do these so called killing machines who are looking for revenge trying to eat anyone who steps foot in their home. Or are they just another fish trying to survive how they know how to.
The possibility of getting bit by these sharks are as low as can be. At one time there was a reward out for anyone who had proof that they were bitten by a shark (Choi). There is a higher chance of getting struck by lightning or a vending machine falling on you than getting bitten by a shark. Another factor that goes along with this is that if a person does get bit it is only because the shark is curious and it mistakes you for a fish. Sharks will feel the vibration of you moving around in its lateral line. Sharks strictly feed off of any sea creature not humans, the shark will quickly realize you are not a sea creature when it does bite you and it will most likely go away.
The shark myths that exist are all mainly false. After jaws was
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After the movie Jaws came out people thought it would be macho to go and hunt sharks. There would be killing tournaments to see who could get the biggest shark. The biggest shark that was ever caught was a 20 foot long great white shark. People are also overfishing sharks. There is a huge problem with finning for shark steaks or shark fin soup. Because of this, some shark species have dropped by 90 to 50 percent (Choi). In the 80s commercial fisheries made the population of sharks go down even further. Approximately 20 to 100 million sharks are killed each year due to fishing (lovgren). This has caused the total shark population to drop 30 to 50 percent
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