Argumentative Essay On Jesus Life And Death

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One of the most important things that is needed to fully understand this paper is the answer to the question that some people may be asking right now; Who is Jesus? This is crucial point that plays a key role in why Jesus was killed. Finding information about Jesus of Nazareth is actually fairly easy, I mean Christianity, which was founded on the teachings and lessons of Jesus, takes up around a third of the world’s population with its members, but the hard part comes when faced with the question; Is this information accurate? The Christians back then, and still, today believe that Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah that God had sent to save them from sin and death. “He walked out of the Judean desert nearly 2,000 years ago, an unknown itinerant preacher,…show more content…
So, obviously an atheist wouldn 't think Jesus is the Messiah right. They wouldn 't even believe in a "messiah." An atheist historian, named Tim O 'Neill, actually researched and examined evidence for Jesus, to see what he came up with. The fact that there was a historical preacher that the figure "Jesus Christ" is based on, is one that most scholars who specialize on Christianity can agree on. The idea that Jesus was a mythological and nonexistent dissipated as the twentieth century came about and is barely believed anymore. People who do claim this usually have no real understanding of the evidence presented and can be categorized into two main groups, New agers saying that Christianity is another form of paganism, and anti-Christian atheists using historical "evidence" to compromise Christianity. Most of the “convincing” arguments people have for a mythological Jesus are actually very weak. Such as one like: There are no contemporary accounts or mentions of Jesus, but there should be, so he can 't have existed. Back then they didn 't have things like birth certificates and such like we do today so many people back then that are even more famous than Jesus, such
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