Argumentative Essay On Joseph Lopez's Murder

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A 17-year-old male, Joseph Lopez, a junior at Spring Valley High School murdered the 28th of April of 2008. Lopez's body was found in a drain tunnel under Tropicana Avenue, west of the I-215 less than a mile from his home.
I would look through his social media, text messages, and phone calls. I would interview all his friends. People he knew in school and outside school and people he came in contact with hours before his murder. I would basically ask the simple questions: how close they were too Joseph? Where they were at the day and time of his death since Joseph told his mom that he was going to meet up with some friends at a nearby park. Did he have any problems with anybody in school or was there somebody that did not like him? Was he acting differently at one point? I will also want to know if he had any trouble with anyone in the past since he attended a behavioral program months before transferring to Spring Valley. Try to seek more information about what he did that sent him to a behavioral program; did he have a problem with anyone there?
The day of the murder, Joseph received an unknown call around 4:08, but detectives could not track down the number that called
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Look around where the crime scene occurred; retrace the steps from where he was before to how he could have potentially got there. Was he forced in there? Did he go there to hide? Try to find answers to these questions, but most important question is who could have wanted Lopez dead. If he ran in there to hide, it may have been someone he knew that wanted him dead, because Joseph was killed there in the storm drain tunnel, he was not killed somewhere else and dumped there. However, why would he go through the tunnels? Was it a short cut to get home? Was he hanging with friends in the tunnel? There are many question unanswered with little bit of

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