Argumentative Essay On Junk Food

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English Composition

Project: Argumantetive essay about
Junk Food

Ms.Nour Okla
College of Foundation and general studies

Name of the students: Ali Abbas AlTaheri
ID Number: 201210081
Junk food is a type of meals that prepared and serve very quickly, which has been popularized first in United State in 1950s. Now a day, Junk food restaurants become very popular and it is widespread in most crowded cities, in each street, mall and some schools. It is very easy to get with a cheap price, so we observe many people in everyday life goes for quick meal, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The busy life with a short time and availability of these kinds of restaurants are factors to let people go for fast food. If we think properly, there are many health risks behind eating a fast food. Do government should band fast food restaurants? What are the harms of eating fast food? And how people can avoid eating unhealthy food?
Nowadays, getting junk food has become very easy, and with the development, people can order junk food through the Internet, or new mobile applications and the meal delivered within five to ten minutes, but do people know that fast food it is only a ticking time bomb. There are those who easily ordered from fast-food restaurants may they suffering from a medical condition without knowing it. Therefore there are awareness campaigns that focus on the importance of health checking periodically to make sure of the issue of his illness or not. In

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