Argumentative Essay On Juvenile Justice

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Juveniles Justice Juveniles who are criminals being sentenced to life without parole can be shocking to some people. I believe if a juvenile is able to commit a crime, then they are able to do the time. The article “Startling finds on Teenage Brains” talks about how the brain can be different from the time you are teens to the time you are an adult. After, considering both sides on juvenile justice it is clear that juveniles should face life without parole because they did the crime so they can do the time. Also I believe the juvenile’s age should not influence the sentence and the punishment give. At the same time their family and home environment should not be considered. Juveniles who commit a crime should not be given parole because they …show more content…

In the article “On Punishment and Teen Killers” Jenkins states how a little boy got into some trouble and his parents would go and save him. For example,In paragraph 7 Jenkins states this “He came from privilege. Whenever he got in trouble, his parents fixed it. After a series of other crimes”. Also Jenkins states that the little boy was mentally disabled but that he was intelligent. Sometimes the environment is not the problem it is the parents that can be the source. For example, Jenkins states how the parents were there every time there son would get in trouble they were always there to save him. If they would of stop saving them then he would not of been getting into more and more trouble. Some people believe that juveniles shouldn’t get sentenced to life in prison because of brain studies, age, and the way of living. Recent brain studies have suggested that teenagers suffer from brain-tissue loss, this might be the reason why they commit idiotic decisions. In Gail Garingers article “Juveniles Don’t Deserve Life Sentences” she states “Young people are biologically different from adults.” Then she talks about the young adolescents being sentenced to die in prison. Also how there is a myth about the superpredator and how children are hopelessly

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