Argumentative Essay On Juveniles As Adults

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Is a juvenile capable of committing a horrible crime, such as murder? The answer to that question is, unfortunately yes. There are many juveniles that commit these crimes, but there is question that is asked. Should they be punished as juveniles or as adults? I believe that sentencing juveniles to life in prison as if they are adults is not appropriate or fair because they are biologically different and can be rehabilitated.
Juveniles are biologically different from adults. Throughout their life, the brain undergoes many changes. Many changes are reasonable, “… language systems grow furiously until age twelve and then stop… Mathematical brain systems grow little until puberty…” (Thompson, paragraph 6). This shows that the brain is developing
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They know the consequences that they will receive but still go through with the crime and are even proud they did. “The unintended consequence of these laws was that children as young as 13 or 14 who were charged as adults became subject to life without parole sentences” (Garinger, paragraph 2). Why would a teenager that young need to plan and commit a crime? There is no need and they are still young to get their life torn away to be put behind bars. “… cases, ‘juvenile offenders cannot with reliability be classified among the worst offenders’… they remain unformed, it is impossible to assume that they will always present an unacceptable risk to public safety” (Garinger, paragraph 6). This quote proves that juveniles are different and can change their way. They can choose to no longer be seen as a threat but as another normal juvenile.
As I said in the beginning, juveniles do not deserve life sentences, they are biologically different from adults and can change with the right help. Their brain’s are still developing and they see life differently from adults. If they are in prison they have a chance to see what they did was wrong and that if they get help, they can change. So I ask you, do you believe a juvenile, your daughter or your son, should serve life in prison for a murder they committed? Or should they be given a chance at
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