Argumentative Essay On Kids Are Kids

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“ A child’s mental abilities are not fully developed. He should not be punished in the

same way as an adult.” Do you support juveniles getting convicted as an adult ? They

are just kids and shouldn’t be in a place where it is dangerous and can scare a child life

up for good. Kids mimick off of things they see in their life and the parents should be

responsible for their behavior.

In the article “ Kids Are Kids” by Marjie Lundstrom says “A child was mimicking Tv

programs about a little girls who rob a bank was given a 26-years-to-life prison terms.”

This quote states how this child was watching something inappropriate changes a

child’s mind and thinks it’s ok to do whatever they saw which makes them commit these
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Also on that same article it say “ Nathaniel Brazil , now is

fourteen, charged as an adult with first-degree murder. He returned to Lake Worth, Fla

middle school and shot to death and English teach, who would not let him say good-bye

to two girls on the final day of class.” This quote explains on how Brazil stately killed his

teacher because of how he felt he let his inner feelings control and that is mostly how

some teens commit crimes.

Although, some facts backs up on why juveniles should go to jail my claim is true

enough more important that they shouldn’t because it states how kids are kids they see

things and learn from it. Next, it wouldn’t be right to let a juvenile’s go to jail where

grown men sexually abuse other men it’s just harsh.

Overall, I think juveniles should not be convicted as an adult because their

children not an adults even if they made an adult decision. A child is a child at the end

of the day and you should forgive but it will never be forgotten. The justice system

outlines teens as dangerous human beings and it’s not

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