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Untangling a complicated knot of cords is bad enough, but what if instead of wires you had to deal with writing worms? That is the premise for Knotmania, a game that challenges you to separate tangled clusters of worms. Well the game refers to them as “Strings” but they definitely look like worms to us. Of course the worms are perfectly happy in their tangled state and will actively try to thwart your efforts, which makes things even more complicated. While it might sometimes feel like your iPhone earbud cords have a will of their own when knotted, the worms in Knotmania are the real deal and will test your skills as well as your patience with their writhing. If you struggle long and hard enough it is usually possible to untangle almost any knot, but Knotmania does not provide you with such luxuries. Instead, you have a strict timer counting down and must figure out how to disentangle the worms before it reaches…show more content…
There is probably not a person alive who haven’t dealt with untying knots before, so it is a concept that is very easy to grasp. Due to the fact that the worms are “alive” there is a bit of a learning curve to manipulating them, but once you get the hang of it the game becomes very addictive. Puzzle fans on the lookout for something different and unique should definitely give Knotmania a try. Knotmania is an addictive puzzle game with a difference. Not only do you have to untangle tricky knots, but the “Strings” are actually worm-like creatures who resist you at every turn. The strict time limits and stubborn worms make for quite a challenge, but the game also features a Zen mode for a more relaxing experience. If you are looking for an innovative and unique iOS puzzler this is it. Gameplay: The premise is very straightforward, but untangling those worms is easier said than done. Graphics: The 3D visuals and lifelike animations give the game a unique

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