Argumentative Essay On Lee Harvey

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In the following essay, I will be explaining where I stand on the case of Lee Harvey Oswald. I will be giving my prior beliefs to having watched the trial with the class and will discuss how the trial impacted where I stand now. I will be stating the process it took for me to be where I am at now in the case of Lee Harvey Oswald. I will also be giving the evidence and reason I believe what I believe on this trial and how it all fits in like a puzzle. I believe that Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald is an innocent man and that he did not murder President John F. Kennedy. Before we had watched the trial in class though, I had not always thought that Mr. Oswald was innocent. The reason being, I had always heard, whether it was from history books or just…show more content…
Oswald is innocent, is when one of Spence’s witnesses, Paul O’Connor, came to give his testimony on what he saw. He and another gentleman were supposed to take the President’s brain out and preserve it in formaldehyde, but was unable to because there was no brain. He said that when they received the President’s body, they were to take out the brain, but when they got the body there was only a massive hole in his head with only about half a handful of brain matter. There is a document written about that part of the autopsy and it says that the brain was taken out and preserved in formaldehyde, but Paul said that when they had received the cadaver that there was no brain. Paul was also ordered by the U.S. Military to stay quiet about it not say…show more content…
He was one of the research investigators for the house select committee on assassinations, trying to find out if Lee Oswald had actually gone to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City. They found out however, that the descriptions given by the embassy did not fit the appearance of Lee Harvey Oswald. In fact, there were three around-the-clock photographers at the Cuban embassy at the time Lee Oswald is supposed to have been there. There is no picture evidence however from any of those photographers that prove that Lee was truly
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