Argumentative Essay On Left Handed People

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While going through the comments on my previous blog, I came across one of my cousin's comment, stating that left handed people make good writers. Then and there I knew what was I supposed to write next. Yes.. left handed people. Or rather leftie,which they are fondly called. As per the survey, one tenth of this world's population is sinistral and I luckily belong to that part. But at times I question myself if I really have been that lucky...

A born sinistral, yet my parents never had any issues with it. They happily accepted me as I was. However, people around me always have had problem with my left instinct. While growing up, I discovered the same cousin who have mentioned above was also a sinistral. That added to my happiness. I had someone else to share my speciality with now. We have spent quite a long period of childhood together and it was his mom who taught me to use my right hand while eating. It was quite difficult in the beginning but I was able to respectfully eat in front of others. Again, let me tell you, my parents
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My friends and teachers discovered my speciality and most of them would goggle at me, while I fluently used my left hand for stuffs. However,the bliss was very short lived when one say, one of my teachers felt I was insulting her by writing with left hand. A nine year old girl that I was, unaware of what an insult might be, I was forced to use my right hand, trying hard to hold a pencil, I failed to write a single word properly. My mom had to send a note to that teacher,saying that I was born sinistral and I shouldn't be forced to change myself.All the rest of the years, life was pretty cool, with people surprised when they got to know abt my skill and at times I even flaunted it. The only gyaan that I received was from my grandma. " Aise kaam karogi to sasural me kya bolenge log !!" All I did was make use of both my ears. One for the inflow and the other for the outflow.
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