Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Drugs

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In recent years, one of the worldwide trending topics has been the issue of whether all drugs should be legalised or not. There are advantages and disadvantages to the issue of legalising drugs that cannot be ignored. The following essay will discuss in detail all the positive effects that could occur if all drugs are legalised for use in private homes in terms of violence, black markets, cartels, medical benefits and the economy. It will also give a discussion on the arguments against the legalization of drugs
According to Gerdes legalisation of drugs would increase violent crimes, those who are in support of drugs legalisation argue that it would reduce drug related crimes. However research shows that legalising drugs for private use in
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if drugs are legalised it means that pregnant women will have the privilege of taking drugs, however this would be bad due to the fact that prenatal exposure to drugs can result in an array of emotional, physical and psychological disorders. Children exposed to drugs after birth may suffer problems that requires special care, resulting in both personal and costs to society. If children are exposed to drugs they will be of high risk of sexual abuse and neglect problems and so for these reasons other people argue that drugs should never be legalised for the safety of children and pregnant women
Low income populations can also be one of the negative results that could occur if drugs are legalised. According to Falconi poverty and drug abuse are linked in various ways. Drugs may occur to relieve stress associated with poverty. In poorer neighbourhoods, there often less access to support systems, community organisations and health care. Drug abuse can lead to depletion in users’ income, leading to lack of care for family and other

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