Argumentative Essay On Let's Move

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School kids around the world were tweeting #ThanksMichelleObama for the disgusting food they have received in school around the country. In a CNN article I’ve found that, Michelle Obama started Let’s Move. Let’s Move is trying to reduce child obesity in the United States. Students and kids are being served healthier foods but it doesn’t mean that they are eating it. There are strange foods kids have received from around the country. From strange mushy products to mysterious meals that students obtained. More than thirty million students go through the cafeteria line every day not liking the quality of their foods. There was an act that took place and it was that they no longer can serve greasy foods such as French Fries, Chicken Wings,…show more content…
In a Kmov news channel this article stated that their are about 900 students that get lunch there and thirty to fifty percent of them got their hands on the spoiled milk. Thirty to fifty percent is a really high number in general compared to the quantity of items and students that actually get them. Lunch is a very important meal for students to have because it replenishes students energy so they can go through the rest of their day being wide awake and ready to learn. Changing school lunch can be for the better for school kids and students that are trying to have an education. There are plenty of bad side effects that can happen when eating “bad” school foods. Some effects include poor brain function, poor sleep, mood problems and many more that correlates with eating non-healthy foods. In an article I’ve read it said, The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System did a study and nearly fourteen percent of High School students are obese and sixteen percent were overweight. In the book called, Fed Up With Lunch, a school teacher forgot her lunch from home so she went and grabbed cafeteria food. Later on she was sickened by the food she and her students have received. She then rebelled from school lunch and is trying to help change school
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